Independent Adoption –
Networking is Essential!

12th Jul 2013

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about the way we are hoping to adopt so we wanted to tell you a little bit about independent adoption. In the US about the same number of newborns are adopted each year through independent and agency adoption and independent adoption felt like a good option to us as it’s more flexible and would allow us to be more active participants in the process than agency adoption might typically allow.

In independent adoption (also sometimes called private adoption) prospective adoptive parents take an active role in all parts of the process. We found and hired a Social Worker to complete our homestudy – the interview and certification process that shows we are qualified to adopt under the laws of our state. During this process the Social Worker met with us, reviewed piles of information about our health, finances, life history, reasons for adopting and everything else you can think of and also requested letters of reference from family and friends. She then wrote up the homestudy saying that we are eligible to adopt. We then found an adoption attorney that can help with the legal aspects of our adoption.

After that with an independent adoption it’s up to the prospective adoptive parents (that’s us!) to network and sometimes advertise to find an expectant parent or parents who is looking to place their baby for adoption. We are reaching out to our friends, family and everyone we know via our website, Facebook, mailings and using pass along cards (they look like business cards but have our adoption website and contact info listed on them) to help spread the word that we want to adopt. We’ve also listed ourselves on a couple of websites where expectant parents might look at the profiles of families who are approved to adopt. We’ve done a little bit of newspaper advertising (didn’t lead to anything) and some Facebook ads too in hopes of finding a situation that would be a good match for us. We are still considering other means of networking and advertising as well.

The reason we keep telling all of you out there about our hopes to adopt is because you just might be the key to helping us build our family! It’s quite possible that you know someone who knows someone who is expecting a baby but not ready to parent at this time and is considering adoption. Maybe in a conversation with your hairdresser or neighbor, etc. you will hear about a situation like this and be able to pass on our contact information resulting in a connection that would be life changing for all of us! We really appreciate your support through our adoption journey and hope that this gives you a little bit more of an understanding as to why we keep asking that you help us spread the word that we hope to adopt a baby!

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